Convert Camera Module To Infrared

Hey guys,

I’m interested in converting one of the camera modules so that it will block all light except infrared. This is probably a huge shot in the dark but by any chance can anyone shed some insight on this?

I have done this with an old Nikon Coolpix many years ago.

Camera CCD sensors are sensitive to IR light and need a special IR filter in the lens assembly to block it out.

In some cameras this is just a small plastic disc that can be removed fairly easily. In others it’s a coating on one of the lenses so removing it messes up the focus. If it’s the latter then I guess that you need to chemically dissolve the coating.

If you can accept long exposure times (30s +) you might be able to use an IR filter like this

I use to use one on an old Nikon D50 before subjecting the camera to open heart surgery and ripping out the IR block filter.