Controlling Servos with Fez Panda, reading voltage/amperage going to servo?

I have a working servo class that is based off some of the code from the Codeshare section and it is working great. Now I wanted to expand on my class a little bit to see if i can detect if the servo is actually responding to the commands I am giving it, or to see if the motor is stuck (perhaps my mechanism got jammed).

I was looking at this servo which I think i am going to buy SpringRC Standard Servo - High Torque (SM-S4315M) - 3208_0 at Phidgets (I want to open/close dampers in my house heating, I’m hoping this is enough torque for the price) and I noticed that it lists a stall current (which i assume is the current used when it is jammed).

Can I read the how much current is passing to this device, if I am using the current running through the board and not supplying the power externally?

also, a separate question. What is the best way to get the timings for the servo’s (Phidgets said each motor is slightly different and I need to experiment with it)?

Not directly, but with this: it should be a breeze

Trial and error: Add a pot to an analog port, do some math and present the pot value to the pwm port.

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