Controlling 433.92 Mhz switches


First of all I would like to thank you for such a good product. As C# programmer by day, it was really super to now that I can use my skills to program for embedded systems using C# and not C or any other specialized languages. Of course there also comes the challenge of electronics.

Currently I have a slight problem with 433.92 switches. I would like my fez panda 2 to send commands to my rc switch and garage doors, I achieve it easily by using arduino and this library: However, i do not know how to do this by using C# and available tools for .net mf. Is there anybody who has similar library/code that can receive/send code on 433.92 Mhz or maybe could help me translate the code of the library to .net mf compatible one?

Thank you in advance.

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Sounds like something possible, can you provide brand and details about the switches, and maybe even a datasheet?

I am pretty sure this i no name brand, almost all of them look similar to this:ėms.jpg (please add http://www)
You can find them in absolutely any of the hardware/DIY stores.

As for the protocol and datasheet, in the library link I provided the protocol this switches communicate through is referenced as protocol “1” and is pretty well described in the code. The protocol binary representation as a sample can be observed here: (please add http://www)

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