Controlled Shutdown


I’m considering implementing a controlled shutdown feature on my device. The shutdown will include flushing various values in memory to flash.

I was wondering if its possible to use the battery module (AABAT-GM-394) to detect that the mains power had been removed, kick-in and continue to power the device, and notify the device that it’s now on ‘reserve’ power so the shutdown code could execute?

Unfortunately this module doesn’t have any examples in the developer section so it’s difficult for me to establish the different ways which it could be used.

unfortunately, no, this module doesn’t have intelligence to trigger shutdown when power gets to critical level.

I’ve seen others implement a trigger that notes the loss of power to a pre-regulator pin and triggers safe shutdown based on having a charged capacitor to give you the buffered power to do so (with haste!). Soldermonkey’s creation looks like it might have the capability to trigger an event at a battery voltage, but that’s still not quite the same as the “last ounce” of power from a battery triggering shutdown.

I actually saw this “USV” for the Raspberry pi. May be that it can be used for the FEZ/Gadgeteer devices as well.

Thanks for your replies guys. Brett, the SolderMonkey module sounds quite promising. I think I’m going to get one and have a go with it.