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Control your Gadget over a Webpage



if I have a little gadget maybe a Cam with a Wifi control and some motors that I can control via my PC, is it possible to make a webserver on the gadget to get the camera output on the webpage (With the new HTML5 feature of WebRTC and the function getUserMedia) that I can invoke from my browser? Maybe control it to make pictures, rotate the cam with my webapp?



Hi Chris,

There are quite a few examples on here for creating webservers on FEZ.
Do a quick search here and on Codeshare and you well find quite alot of info.


This is a good one.


Ok I found some example about webserver but what about a little and nice node.js webserver? Is any discussion to implement a node.js api too? Like Noduino for the Arduino board? I know this post:



@ ChrisLE - I had a look at the Noduino project, and it looks like this is not a port of node.js to the arduino. Instead it is a node.js web app that runs on your local computer with a serial connection to an arduino.


@ jasdev, ok I see you are right :). I see only a server is on the board and I can control it via node.js. So it will be the same as I can control the .NET Gadgeteer board (on board there should be a webserver) with a node.js webapp. Thx.



@ ChrsLE - I don’t think there is a web server on the Arduino. Only an application that reads and responds to commands coming in on the serial port.


As this article says:
… There is no difference in accessing your Arduino over WebSocket or a Serial connection. All methods and objects remain the same, written code is highly portable…
both is possible. Use it over WebSockets or as you said the serial part of it.

I think its a nice feature maybe if you want to use it via WebSockets to control a gadget that is not connected to the pc.



Thx @ andre.marschlak but its not about the websocket implementation but I have taken a look and it looks nice, I will give it a try. I only thought I can use node.js as a server on a .net gadgeteer board but I doesnt :).



There may be no difference at a high functional level, but their code is far from being a node.js web server.


HI Chris,

Have you successfully displaying the video stream on a web page?
I am trying to do the same thing and if you have any info, I’m interested :slight_smile: