Continuing with the future plan for GHI's NETMF SDK 2015

As we promised a few months ago, we are continuing our commitment to cleaning up the NETMF API, documentation, and all other resources. Please see the earlier news post for further details. The following changes will help in isolating old material that may not apply to the latest locked 4.3 SDK.

* EDIT *
Starting today, all old General Discussion/NETMF/Gadgeteer forum posts dated prior to 1/1/2015 have been moved to a new forum section called “Archive”. You can still reply to these posts but we recommend starting new topics.

As for codeshare, all posts created and last updated prior to 1/1/2015 will show a warning on top saying “This contribution is outdated. Code may need to be changed to reflect the latest API. Please see the documentation for the latest API”. This is where the community can greatly help. If you use one of the codeshare contributions and have it tested with 4.3, please post the update to codeshare. Doing so will automatically remove the “outdated” notice, since the update happened after 1/1/2015.

The documentation has been updated for a few months. If you see something wrong, please click on the “leave feedback” and let us know how we can improve the page. We are also looking into opening the documentation to our advanced users so they can add their own pages or improve upon the information as it is presented.


@ Gary

I have posted an update to my SmoothLine codeshare, but the warning banner is still there. Am I doing something wrong?

@ hagster - We will check into it, modifying it should have removed the warning because the date should have changed to the date it was modified.

Ditto for me.

@ wbsimms - What codeshare entry for you shows this warning?

@ Gary - Example :

@ wbsimms - How did you revise the code?

I didn’t. I made sure it works locally. Then I added a comment it has been tested and works with 4.3 in the description.

Do I need to make a meaningless code change?

@ wbsimms - right now it works off of the code being revised, changing the description doesn’t mean the code was updated to the latest API.