[Contest] Help me come up with a business / domain name

As some of you may know, I left my job of 9 1/2 years (today was my last day) to focus on my conference management software ( http://confs.mobi/ ) and embedded development endeavors full time. After discussing with a few people on private threads, the goal of my embedded business is to encourage open hardware and software design. I aim to make profit by the sale of custom designed components such as modules, mounting boards, cases, etc. as well as kits and assembled packages for specific projects / rovers using micro-controller based technologies centering around .NETMF and Gadgeteer.

I’ve registered an LLC in Virginia for the conference company, but am having a tough time coming up with a suitable (and available) domain name (.com is a must, will probably also buy .net if it is available) that also is not already a registered business entity in Virginia. For instance, Embedded Technologies, LLC is available as a VA business name, but the .com and .net are already taken… you get the idea.

Here’s where I need your help! I’m out of domain/business name ideas, so the person who helps me come up with the best name will win your choice of prizes consisting of:

a) $100US worth of custom designed wood, acrylic or HDPE mounting boards (I pay for raw materials and CNC/3D printer time) and/or up to 5 hours combined (rated at $20US/hour) of component design/CNC milling / 3D printing time (you pay for raw materials and shipping to me and I’ll pay up to $20US shipping back to you in addition to the $100 credit)
b) a $100US GHI gift certificate (paid for by me)

The name should be something related to embedded, microcontroller, connected, etc technologies, solutions, development - for instance, along the lines of “Embedded Solutions”, “Embedded Systems”, “Connected Systems”, etc.

Rules: [em](you know there had to be some legal-ease involved, right?)[/em]

1 ) The business name must be one or two words, no more than 20 characters long including the space in between and be related to the embedded programming paradigm as mentioned above.
2 ) The .com [em](not .CO)[/em] of the name must be available for immediate purchase as follows:
a ) no dashes in the middle
b ) The only abbreviation allowed is “Dev” as a suffix (i.e. “EmbeddedDev”), otherwise abbreviations (like"IniTech" for “Innovative Technologies”) will not be considered.
c ) The .net version of the name available IN ADDITION to the .com name is also preferable, but not a deal breaker
d ) if you use a number in the name, both the numeric and spelled out versions must be available - i.e. Nuts4NETMF.com and NutsForNETMF.com - both of these are
available and don’t count as anyone’s suggestion! :wink:
e ) the name cannot be parked or purchased already and be up for sale or auction for more than $100 US. You must not register the name and then try to sell it to me, if you do ALL of your submissions will be considered void and all are then up for grabs by other people who submitted the name after you. Should I determine any of your voided solutions to be the winner, you are entitled to no prizes whatsoever and I will split the prizes between other people’s submissions as I see fit.
3 ) There cannot already be registered distinguished business name in Virginia (search using the link below [1]) for your submission.
4 ) Email me the suggestions to steve at stevepresley dot net with the subject “Company Contest” or through the contact link on my website (Contact Me – stevepresley.net)
a ) The order in which my mail server receives the names determines the winner of duplicate suggestions - Earliest time stamp wins.
b ) You may submit more than one suggestion per email. Each suggested name counts as 1 submission, whether via one or more emails.
c ) I’d prefer you not post your submissions to this thread, but if you do, you better have had emailed it to me first, otherwise it’s fair game as to who can email it to me first.
5 ) The contest will end at 11:59:59 PM EST on 8/31/2012.
6 ) I will be the sole decision maker of the award, and may elect to award consolation prizes if other names are of interest and I reserve them for future endeavors as well.
7 ) Winner will be announced here once I make a decision, contact my attorney to have the LLC reserved and purchase the .com/.net names
8 ) Any custom designs for mounting boards that I create for you are my property and I can resell without any royalty to you. If you send me your own design, I will not resell it without your permission and without working out a commission going forward.
9 ) You are responsible for paying any gift or customs taxes, where applicable for any of the awarded prizes above.
10 ) In no way does this contest construe an employment arrangement by my company (to be named) for any of the submissions or the winner. The awards above are marketing prizes and are not payment for employment or imply any vested share interest in the LLC once formed.
11 ) The name(s) chosen are my property once registered and you have no legal interest in the names once they are filed for.

Good luck and thanks for helping out!

[1] https://sccefile.scc.virginia.gov/NameAvailability

Embedded Field Effect Technologies

Best I can do; good luck!

I hadn’t thought about using Field as a keyword - good idea. Maybe someone else can come up with a variation on that too!

Thanks for trying :wink:



I got befuddled after rule 2, sub-rule A above. Sheesh man, you got some serious “fine print” there…

Dude…he just spent the last nearly 10 years working for a law firm. I would have been more surprised if some of the lawyer-speak didn’t rub off… :smiley:

hahah, you can tell I just left a law firm :wink:

To short-cut the legalease (even though it still applies)

My brain hurts and I need help coming up with a name.

I want a dot com domain name that is the same as the registered business name. No dashes, no abbreviations other than Dev. I’ll give $100 bucks in my products/services or buy a GHI gift certificate for $100 to whomever I pick as the winner.

And BTW, I already have two domain names for the rover project, but I need something more agnostic for the “parent” company - I may end up filing a separate LLC for the rovers prior to putting them on Kickstarter.

HA, you beat me to it.

Oh, and I considered going to law school for IP and Technology and Business law too.

@ stevepresley - Domain names are rough man, I know.

Have you looked into host / design yet? I really like my host. I had a few problems w/ them in the past because of my shared IP being flagged as spam, but dedicated IP was super cheap and fixed it right up. I also have unlimited space, dbs, subdomains and domains for about $200 a year. A2Hosting is the guys if you want to check 'em out. And I do design work if you get that far and are interested, I did all the skewworks stuff.


embeddedidea - all available (same w/ pluralized; might work?)

If you don’t take it, I will. :smiley:

I’ve got my own VM at ORCSWeb, a little more expensive,but I’ve been with them for years. I am going to offload email to MailChimp most likely to avoid spam issues. May ping you offline about some design stuff.

Not too shabby - You mostly followed the rules, but I’ll let it slide for now… didn’t want someone to poach it via this discussion, hence my request for people to EMAIL their submissions :slight_smile:

Oops, sorry about that. Luckily I don’t think anyone here is the type to poach. :slight_smile:

I dropped you a message through your web form but please replace .com with .be if you want to mail me :slight_smile:

Anyway, congrats with your decision and good luck with your business!

I was gunna for a laugh put forward Hugh’s electroniccrack.com based url but someone’s already nicked it :smiley:

:smiley: :smiley:

Have received a couple of great submissions - keep them coming! :wink:

Have to let you guys know, @ Bec a Fuel just made an AWESOME suggestion and is currently at the top of the list. Would like to see if anyone (or Bec) can come up with something even better!



don’t know why, but this name made me instantly think of breasts :slight_smile:

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I was not expecting that comment :slight_smile: Thanks for the laugh!