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Connetion less Socket



I have build a system which reads and processes data and sends this out over one of the COM ports. I want to do this exact some thing with ethernet, but I don’t want to wait for an connection. I just want to send my data out like my COM port:

byte[] outBuffer = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("$$65226" + "#" + SPN + "#" + FMI + "\n\r\r");
                                    serialPort.Write(outBuffer, 0, outBuffer.Length);


Then you’re looking for UDP sockets.


OK, an UDP socket could work, but I don’t know to which IPAddress i’m sending data and I don’t want to broadcast anything over the network.


you can’t have it all !


Do you have a Example with broadcast for me?


Have a look here:
UDP Receive:
UDP Send:
UDP Tranceive:


Do you have an other solution for this?