Just received my FEZ Domino Starter kit + additional components. First problem is that the servo connector will not work with the component shield. Only need 1 servo so I didn’t want to purchase the servo controller. Your documentation indicates that I can use the servo directly on a dio port. Where can I get connectors and pins to modify the servo cable for the component shield? Thanks.

The servo product description says “…but since it has a unique connector, it can be plugged directly into servo headers on FEZ Robot kit.”

With that said, the servo will still work with any IO on FEZ Domino. It is a matter of making the right connections.
There are too many pages online that explain the pins on the servo. Like this page for example
You can use breadboard or cut the sires to connect them the way you like.

Now, this website is about “Freakin’ Easy!” stuff and if we let you do it on your own then it is not freaking easy :slight_smile: I will request a tutorial or example from our team that shows how to connect a servo to FEZ.

Do you have a component shield or just FEZ Domino and a servo?

I do have the component shield and I made the assumtion the servo would connect to the shield. :frowning: I don’t have a problem changing the connector but I haven’t been able to locate the parts. Can you provide part numbers and sources for the jst3aa cable connectors and pins? I could splice into one of your cables but I prefer build it.

I have years of experience with .net and yes, your sdk does make the process freakin’ easy but my hardware background is a bit rusty. The link you provided for servos is just the sort of guidance I needed.


You will need the JST cable we have on our website. Cut the wire in half and you will end up with 2 connectors with some wiring. Now, you can connect those 3 wires to the servo wires.
The FEZ tutorial shows how the JST pins are mapped and the link I gave you shows the pinout fro the servo. You just need to connect this top that and you are good to go.

Like I said before, we will see if we can add couple pictures and instructions on the servo brochure.

We are glad you are enjoying FEZ and we look forward to see your exciting projects.