Connection to MSSQL database

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I am new to this topic and hope somebody can answer my question. My aim is to build a traceability system that would work in the production. The system should collect some process data and send them to a central MSSQL server.(SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE)
A friend of my has recommended a possible solution with the FEZ spider. I have installed the Visual C# 2010 Express development tool, the .NET Micro Framework 4.1 SDK and the Gadgeeter SDK to get familiar with this tool. I saw, the micro framework does not provide the namespace System.Data like I know it from the framework for windows applications, therefore my Question: is there an other possibility to realise a connection between the FEZ spider and MSSQL database or is there no possibility?

Thanks ahead and sorry if my english is not perfect…

In order to make SQL calls from .NET MF to SQL Server the platform would have to have TDS protocol implementation. Since this is a limited resource solution a TDS driver is not available. Instead you should think about having a thin client of some sort that would accept calls from your board and transfer them to your database. First thing that i can think of is a simple REST API frontend in a web app. .NET Micro Framework supports also DPWS so you can try using WebServices as well.

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It will be best to abstract the database layer - but in an efficient way.

Have a look at how the people at do it. You can use their service - or just copy the idea for your own internal service :slight_smile:

How much process data do you plan to collect and at what frequency? Issues like queueing, guaranteed delivery, idempotence (handling duplicate submissions) and firehosing the data in become interesting.

thank you for replies. @ realiser: There are only few process data, I’ve created a table with 9 Fields, and each machine would send two times data per process step. Insert at the beginning, and update at the end of a step. There are all together abouth 50 machines and I will get estimated 1 protocol per second.