Connecting Motor Controller and FEZ Panda ii

Hey Community,

I’m trying to connect a Pololu Simple Motor Controller 18v15 to my Panda ii Board. I allready connected a FEZ Touch. In the User’s Manual i read that i need to connect:

Motor Controller Microcontroller
RX Pin <–> TTL Serial Transmit Pin
TX Pin <–> TTL Serial Receive Pin
ERR <–> Digital Input
RST <–> Digital Output

On the Motor Controller Board the pins are marked precise. I’m very new to this topic and couldn’t figure out which pins i can use on the Panda ii Board. Is there a direct way of connecting both boards or do i need some wiring?

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Looks like your motor controller uses serial command through TX and RX pins

Hey Gus,

sorry i forgot to mention it. I added a picture of the Pin-Outs [Source: Ponolu Simple Motor Controller User’s Guide]. My Question is:
Which possibilities do I have to connect the two components. I see that i can choose “analog” or “serial” but couldn’ figure out what i have to do exactly. Sorry if it sounds stupid :smiley: As i sad, i’m totally new to this topic.

@ Jonko - The pin on the panda designated as uart tx goes to the rx pin on the motor controller and the tx pin on the motor controller goes to the rx assigned pin on the panda.
If you are powering the motorcontroller seperatley (good, as the current draw from the motor controller may be too high for the panda) then make sure that you also tie the GND (ground) together i.e connect them together.
Then all you need to do is create a serial port on the panda using the pins you have chosen and send the commands you want to the motor controller.
Do you have the command list available?

Thanks HughB,

On “” i found under 6.2 some commads. Is that what you meant?

Yeah thats the stuff, loads of info there on how to control it.

Ok thanks a lot HughB,

One more question: You are talking about “designated” and “assigned” pins. Does that mean that i can choose random digital pins on the Panda ii to connect to the RX, TX, ERR and RST Pins of the Motor Controller?

The RX and TX must go to pins on a UART (Serial Port). The ERR and RST can go to “random” pins.

BTW, don’t forget to wire the grounds together.

Thanks Mike,

so i could connect:
COM1 In with the TX Pin,
COM1 Out with the RX Pin,
Ground to Ground etc.

Ok, now i only need a suitable cable and can try working with the motor controller.
Thanks to all!