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Connecting Modules


What is most elegant solution, if I want to use one FEZ spider for controlling multiple sensors, that aren’t close to spider. Gadgeteer cables are short, so for example I must have camera close to spider.

Is there any way to use socket specific type to more than one gadgeteer connected to that socket?



depending on the module, the cable length is important and will not operate with long cables. What modules specifically are you talking about?


For long distances you should consider using RS485 or Ethernet.
This was discussed in several threads recently.
Try search for RS485 and you should find some threads with this topic.


Thanks for replies.

The situation is following : i’m considering to automate some tasks at home. I would like to have fez spider, let’s say in one room, from which i would like to manage heathing system in another room (with temperature sensor in that another place, and relay connection with on/off ), in another room I would like to have camera and so on.

I know that this could be done with multiple spiders, that communicate with ethernet or wifi if nedeed, but I would like to know if this is possible with one “central” spider, with attached multiple modules and relays to same board. But in this case the cables must be long enough from modules to spider.



Thanks andre, this is what I need. But i assume that I can’t, for example connect gadgeteer camera on xbee, which is not i2c, 1wire…


Thanks for help.