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Connecting a LED and a Reflective Sensor To the FEZ Mini


I Just recieved a FEZ Mini board and a lad en Reflective Sensor. The both components include a JST3AA cable and a nice connector.

My mini board only has pins (i don’t have the nice starter kit board) and now i’m wondering how to connect. I have some soldering experience but I’m not sure how to connect te led and the sensor.

The JST3AA conecter had three pins, but i think i only have to connect two of them: One to a digital or analog pin and one to the ground. But what color connects to the ground and what color to the pin? And the third wire???

Can anybody help?

Thanks a lot!


You can see the pinout here


I’m starting to get it. The middle one I connect to the Pin.

I notice there is a ground pin on the left side and one the right side. Are the both the same and can I connect to both just as I want.

Where do I connect the VCC to? 3.3V out? 5V out?

Thanks a lot for your quick reply!


You need power and ground plus the signal to all your little 3-pin boards


You can connect VCC to 3.3V or 5V.


vcc is positive volts (that hooks to 3.3v or 5v on a fez pin. gnd pin is negative. middle is signal volts (very low amps, just enouph to signal between chips). What boards are you using? The fez LED board sold on this site?