Connect pic and panda with can bus

i’m trying for a few days to connect a fez panda to an existing CAN networks build with pic 18 controllers but i can’t make it working. The can bus turn immediately in “bus off” state.
I’ve a lot experience with bus can with pic controller but i’ve some problems with the can on the panda board.

I’m using some pic18f2680 at 40 mhz and my bus can is defined as CAN clock = 4 Mhz and one bit = 24 TQ.

I’ve defined :
For the pic : BRP=5 / synchro=1 / Propag seg=8 / phseg1= 7 / phseg2 = 8
For the panda : BRP=18/ T1=15 / T2=8. it seems i can’t define the propag segment in the panda. What is the value used inside the can controller of the panda ?
I’m using TL1796 transceivers for panda and pic.

When i connect the panda to my network, my can bus stop working.

Have you an idea what i’ve done wrong ?

T1 on panda is prob+phase1 where prob is alway 1.

You can always check the lpc23xx manual for deeper details.

in the wiki can doc it is write t1=phase1 + 1 for synchro. i’ve read nowhere a value for the propag segment …
i think it is included in the t1 but i don’t know his value.
for the pic, i’ve to define synchro (always 1) + propag (8) + segment 1 (7) + segment 2 (8)
you can see a description here :

if i want to connect the panda with a pic i’ve to know the propag segment on the panda to put the same on the pic.
and you can’t have 1 for sync + propag.

I think the processor manual is the best route

Gus is right. Chapter 12 in the LPC2387 User Manual describes the setup. There is just SWJ, T1 and T2. The Panda CAN works fine with PIC18F CAN using the values in the Beginner’s Guide for standard baud rates. Start there…