Confusion of ALFAT2, ALFAT SoC and ALFAT 2 SoC

I am confused among followings.

  • ALFAT2
  • ALFAT 2 SoC

For example, when I see following page, it is written as “F40 (ALFAT) System on Chip”.
That might be written in short as “ALFAT SoC”.

When I use a module possibly using the ALFAT SoC, the module provider says “that has ALFAT 2 chipset”.
But the module shows the boot message as “ALFAT SoC”.

I can find in the following "ALFAT 2 SoC"

What are the difference, if any?
I hope some information to distinguish them if they are not same, causing the possible future users trouble to select them.

They are all exactly the same thing. The names came about for historical reasons but mean nothing today.

Welcome to the community.

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@ Gus -

Thank you very much for your reply.

Now I can know that they are identical.

I was trying to find that in your web site, without success.

I hope future possible user finds this post to solve the confusion.

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