Configuring Fez Panda II for Serial port?

Sorry, I’m a newbie and this is probably a very stupid question.
I just got my FEZ Panda II and the FEZ Touch LCD.
I wrote my program and now I want to write another C# program to control/communicate with the FEZ through the USB port.
How do I make the FEZ emulate a COM port? Is this what I should be doing?
I see that the FEZ Touch has a jumper for Serial/COM but when I jumper it for serial and plug it in, it doesn’t show up in my Device Manager.

Please keep your response “dumbed-down” lol. Thanks in advance.

Thanks Mike. I guess I need to buy an RS232 shield if I’m reading that correctly?

Keep reading. Look for virtual CDC with debugging

Thanks again. I’m still a little confused but I think I can handle it from here. I downloaded the drivers and ran the example program and it now shows up as COM 5 in my device manager. :slight_smile:

I don’t know what to use as jumper or switch on this motherboards, i’m really noob to electronic could anyone instruct me what to buy ?

Because i understand i have to link 2 switches GND and MOD to switch to serail debugging but i have no way of doing it!

Pixou, GND and MOD on Panda II are on the large header at the “end” of the board. They are right next to each other. All you need is a short piece of breadboard wire or similar linking those two and you’ve done what you need.

If no wire, use anything conductive like a paper clip