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Configuration PermanentUserKey


Is there any way to erase data in PermanentUserKey on FEZ Domino board? Any technical trick?


I didn’t think there was any permanent data… I don’t have a Domino just Panda’s… and they don’t

Cheers Ian


There is [quote]GHIElectronics.NETMF.Hardware.Configuration.PermanentUserKey[/quote] parameter. On Domino board it’s 16 byte


Hello Alagrat,

it is described in the GHI SDK documentation




Yes, i know it… Thats why asked this question. Not only software, may be any hardware solution.


Then it wouldn’t be “permanent” if there is a ways :slight_smile:


OK ;D Thanks a lot!


I suppose you could peel the top off the chip, get an electron microscope and somehow do some bit twiddling. :wink:


Rrright! ;D