Concerning the Hydra


I am starting to get into Gadgeteer with GHI products, and starting by really slowly building a quadcopter.

I bought the Hydra and noticed that on the comparison table in your site it has 4 PWN pins:

Nevertheless, on the schematics it has only 1x3 PWM pins. What am I missing?



Please check schematics and processor datasheet if necessary. It does have 4 PWM pins.

You can always use IO60 and get 16PWM pins from any socket.

I think the confusion may be due to the use of the fourth PWM pin (PWM3).

The pin is not exposed through one of the Gadgeteer sockets. It is directly attached to the LED on the mainboard.

I see.

So, theoretically, I can pull out the LED and gain a forth PWM?
I’m trying to use the Hydra to make a quadcopter…

Yes :slight_smile:

But watch out for the dropping resistor for the LED.