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Component suggestion - Audio out module


When the new firmware is released we will have a easy method of producing audio output. It would really be convenient to have a component with either a built in speaker and volume control. Or one with a standard audio jack. Either a 3.5mm TRS jack or a RCA connector would do just fine.

I have experimented with the alligator clip to a small amp that I use with my iPod, but when connected I could not communicate with my Domino. I’m guessing I was putting too much load on the analog out pin and I certainly don’t want to do that.



Hi Eric

I dont think that connecting an amplifier will be a problem. Check if you are shorting something with the alligator clip.



Connecting the alligator clip will not “block” your domino. Probably you have made a short (or a infinite loop?) somewhere?

Try to get a 3.5 mm jack female. Then you can connect things more easily.


I would use any AMP kit fro any website and then buy a JST cable from this website… solder the cable on the kit and you are good to go. This is what we did for our demo.


It was the AMP I was using. Switching to a little $15 mono AMP I bought at Radio Shack and I’m not seeing the issue anymore.

Still think it would be a nice component.



I wouldn’t mind a similar component, but I could just solder the kind of thing up myself.


I used this amplifier:

and I powered it from the 5 volts on FEZ Panda with no problems.


I ordered this $5,- one
Don’t know if it will work, but hope so.