Completing the FEZ Medusa Family of Products!

The recently announced FEZ Medusa family of products gives users a low-cost option while keeping development Fast and Easy (FEZ). This product line does not end there as a few new products have been added to cover more of the developer’s needs. Previous announcement details covering the FEZ Medusa Mini, S12 and the Shield can be found here.

Introducing the FEZ Medusa Shield-3D!
This new shield is designed to work with Arduino DUE, Arduino Mega and Arduino ADK. The ADK option is ideal for creating accessories for Android devices, ADK stands for Accessory Development Kit. More information on the FEZ Medusa Shield-3D can be found here.

We Have Starter Kits!
These kits work perfect as a starting point and include everything needed to get started. The provided starter guides will be directly related to the kit content. There are two kits available today, the FEZ Medusa starter Kit, based around the FEZ Medusa Mini and the FEZ Medusa Shield-3D Kit, ideal for Arduino DUE, Mega and Mega ADK. You can learn more about our Arduino-compatible offerings by visiting the catalog.

The All New ALFAT OEM Link Module!
This module gives access to files found on SD Cards and USB memory devices, thanks to the ALFAT chipset. Resource constraint devices, such as the 8-bit FEZ Medusa, can now read and write files easily though simple serial commands. To discover more about the ALFAT OEM Link Module please click here.

The EVE800 Module for FTDI displays!
This module plugs directly into FTDI’s EVE display boards to give any of the Gadgeteering systems a simple plug-and-play display option. These displays run on SPI bus and accept simple commands from the host processor to render to the display or to read the touch input from the display. To learn more please visit the catalog.

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