Completely off topic but WOW!

Warning this is ages restricted 17+

It is a whole movie! Cool

Yeah you won’t be seeing me for awhile after ME3 comes out ;D

Same here, I’ll be a happy addict :wink:

This is one game franchise that would make a great movie; even it it’s a CGI one.



There are actually plans for a movie to be made by Legendary Entertainment. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to that film :slight_smile:

BTW They have released a preview to the TV advert (Done by the same people who do the SFX in Dr Who)

My life goes on hold on launch day :wink:

That’s pretty cool but Halo is still better. :smiley:

Hope you lucky people in the US enjoy ME3, we in the UK have to wait till Friday so no spoilers :wink:


Ok, so it isn’t just south africa that must wait till friday… :slight_smile:

got(getting?) the collectors eddition as a birthday present. :).

Mine shipped yesterday; should have it tonight or tomorrow.

It was nice knowing you all, see you in a week :smiley:

A week, is that all? :wink:


My N7 collectors addition was waiting for me when I got home. I did a single test of Game Slate and then spent until midnight playing. Haha :smiley:

My single spoiler alert is watch zoning to the holding docks from the presidium…it locked every time I tried; zoning in from anywhere else worked fine.

Mines arrived. Bye Bye weekend :slight_smile:

It’s a great game man, enjoy!

Talking of Wow! :wink:

Wow… I think the #1 comment says it all.

Someone give that girl a contract.

One of the musicians who worked on the game has asked to work with her already :slight_smile:


Smart guy. I doubt this is the last time we’ll see her face. I had to go look up some of her other videos. They are all equally moving. I’d love to buy an album but it seems she has nothing to sell :frowning:

All her stuff is available on SoundCloud:

I think they are all downloadable

She’s a gamer who makes her own music. Though I think she may be snapped up by someone soon.