Completely off Topic about Office 16 preview

I decided to try out the Office 2016 preview on my windows 10 laptop so I went to my office 365 portal and downloaded the Office 365 version and as it started to install it said “Installing office 16…” it mentioned it was removing the old version of office which it did and then off it went. Come back to see that it’s finished, find that office 2013 folder is back and it’s installed office 2013 again!

I tried the 64 bit version and it did the same thing. I think I must be going mad! :wall:

Are you sure it installed 2013 again, or did it maybe fail during the install and do a “rollback”?

I don’t work on the installer, and because I compile and install Office from source, I can’t offer too much guidance on the install experience, but I can get in touch with the people who do work on this and I am sure they would be interested in the log files from your install.

I un-installed it completely and it still came back as 2013 even though it said 16.