Complete Gadgeteer .NETMF development environment for sale

I don’t know if anybody would be interested but I’m selling all of my gathered gadgeteer modules on eBay:

user: pipkethomas
title: Complete GHI Electronics Gadgeteer NETMF Development Environment

I’m sellin’ the whole bunch because of two major reasons: I need to upgrade to industrial grade stuff on request of my client.
Second I’m still experiencing stability issues on the network drivers which are not tolerated in the kind of near- realtime projects I’m working on… .

Normally I’m shipping to European countries but on request I’m willing to add other options to other countries.

I have searched and can’t find this on eBay. Does it have an item id.

Can I ask what the industrial grade stuff you mean is? Do you mean stuff like Siemens PLC etc.

I’m using NETMF stuff in an instrial Environment.
I use a custom G120 board. But I dont’ use Gadgeteer modules or the Gadgeteer Framework.
For it works fine, also with Ethernet.
For real time processing RLP should work great.
But if Comes to realtime Ethernet, I’m not sure if I would rely on the G120 + ENC28.
In fact we are going to use an atmega with WIZ5??? in an upcomming Project to send measurement values from an ADC at high data rates over the Network (soft realtime requirements).
In fact, to get hard realtime working over Ethernet, there is a lot of work necessary.

here is the link

Do you mind telling us what you’re upgrading to?

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@ ThomasPips - Is het alles of niets? Er zijn een paar items die ik kan gebruiken maar dan moet je ook factuur kunnen opmaken.

exactly ???


Try this.