Compiling Glide - which VS Version to use?

I downloaded the Glide source from BitBucket and tried to compile the source with VS2013 and netmf 4.3 installed. The solution opens without any problems but generates the following error message:

Error 1 Missing compiler required member ‘System.Threading.Interlocked.CompareExchange’ D:\devlibs\DOTNET\netmfglide\Glide\UI\Text\InputBox.cs 28

I checked the project file and discovered that the build-tools version has been overridden or still is at 4.0. The solution file is still a VS2010 solution file.

After installing VS2012 and VS2010 on another machine, I was able to install netmf 4.3 and I was able to compile the solution successfully using VS2010.

Now my question:

Where can I find documentation about the required tools and tools-versions to successfully compile GHI netmf-related projects in general?

I searched the forums and could not find something for r Glide or other libraries. Most of the Google links are outdated as well.

@ AWSOMEDEVSIGNER - We do not official support VS2013 or VS2015 yet. I saw the error you are seeing when I was testing in VS2015. It is an error in Visual Studio or NETMF itself, not Glide.

While we do not have a document for compiling Glide itself, might help you.

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Hi John,

thank you for the reply. I will check the link and I think I will start actively to contribute. Is there an official WIki available?

Have you planned any kind of Visual Studio integration, let’s say an Glide designer?



Thank you Andre :slight_smile:
I installed and tried that editor already. It still has some problems with component problems using the mouse. I will try to contribute there as well.

@ AWSOMEDEVSIGNER - We do not currently have any plans for a VS designer for Glide or other integration, nor is there an official wiki. We do have a Code Share for sharing projects though.

Ok. Then I will contribute code to code-share and setup a wiki. I will try to contact the author of the new designer to see if I can help there as well.