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Compiling firmware with RVDS


Does anybody know a good tutorial on how to compile firmware for the USBizi chipset (100 or 144) using RVDS?

I downloaded the trial RVDS, but I don’t know where to begin. I was looking briefly at the MCU’s loaded that you can target, but I couldn’t locate the NXP chip that is the USBizi.


Start with GCC, why RVDS? We have a book (still not complete) that explain porting. You can also take a look at the PK documentaion



I’d like a smaller firmware size than GCC produces.

I’ll take a line out of your porting guide:


Yes but you are evaluating things not making production firmware right? :slight_smile:

If you own RVDS then yes for sure use that over GCC but if you do not then free GCC is pretty awesome!


I’m evaluating something that could potentially become production. If I can’t get the development environment to be the same as production I wouldn’t be able to fairly evaluate the product.

Since we keep beating around the bush with RVDS, could you please just give me a comparison if you compiled the production USBizi firmware with GCC and RVDS? Exactly how much extra flash space do you gain compiling with RVDS versus GCC?



Sorry, I never tried this. You can try to ask Microsoft directly here