Compiling Cerberus in 4.3 using MDK

When I try to compile the Cerberus port in NETMF 4.3, MDK’s compiler is getting called with “-fpermissive” (a GCC option to allow nonconforming code to compile). It doesn’t support this option, so the compiler terminates.

How do I disable this flag from being appended to the compiler’s arguments?

It is not getting called with this flag when I compile other solutions. I think it’s a Cortex-M4 thing.

Anyone have any ideas?

Search were it is added and remove it from there, perhaps?
But the real questions is if it is a GCC specific option how did it set for MDK toolset?

I’m not familiar enough with how msbuild constructs the commands to know where to begin. I looked in Tools\Targets\Microsoft.SPOT.system.MDK.settings, but I didn’t see anything.

For what it’s worth, the option is passed in after all the includes, so I assume it’s set by $(ExtraFlags). Where does this variable come from?

This can be set in .proj files.

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Alright, I can build it if I remove


from this line of Microsoft.Spot.system.mdk.targets:


This is still a huge hack.

I would try searching for “-fpermissive” in every file in your PK tree

Found it. It’s in FEZCerberus.settings.

Removing it fixed the problem.