Compensate for lack of mounting holes

@ Gary, Boy I sure do wish I had 2 additional mounting holes on the module. That would be so cool. So cool.

Does anyone know of a way to support pcb with no screw holes?

I usually build a tower of little squares of double sided tape.

@ mtylerjr - I’m now hearing about using velcro with double sided tape. I can’t just glue it down, since it must be easily removable.

What about a slot arrange of some kind so the PCB just slides in?

@ Dave McLaughlin - I thought about that. It’s a bit complex. I might end up having to 3d print that; which will take a week or more.

Adafruit to the rescue.


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when in a pinch just use a nylon standoff, and cut a slot in it.

@ suitable1 - those are cool. Never seen those before.

Of course, my goto solution is to 3D print something. If I’m 3D printing the enclosure then I’d just build it in. Otherwise, basically make a long wide standoff. Assuming you have a printer, you could easily design and print that in a couple hours. I’ve done both several times in the past.

Nah, I don’t have a printer (yet). I think I’ll mold something from polycaprolactone

Wood works just fine, also. You can see here where I cut a piece of wood with a slot in it to support the edge of the LCD.

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@ ianlee74 - Yea, I’m gonna make a slotted piece of polycarpo. At least I can just reheat it until I get it right. Arg, this sucks.

Decided to go another route.