Compatibility GHI Device between Framework 4.2 and 4.3

the devices GHI are not yet compatible with 4.3 Framework
is that correct?

the code developed with 4.2 in the future remains compatible with 4.3?


There is no 4.3 firmware available for GHI’s premium devices, and no GHI firmware for the OSHW devices (there are community ports that are using 4.3). The GHI devices are compatible with 4.3 framework, but the firmware recompilation for the 4.3 framework has not yet happened to allow you to use that framework version.

As for compatibility, no you can’t guarantee that, but what you can be sure of is that the current SDK works with older versions of the framework when deployed to a device. So even if you use the 4.3 SDK today you can still target the 4.2 framework with a device with 4.2 firmware (or target 4.1 for a 4.1 firmware device). There’s no reason in the future that you must upgrade your firmware to 4.3 when it’s released, but eventually support moves on so you will then need to either move or be comfortable with the reduced support yourself.

in fact I tried to use the Hydra with MF4.3 but some commands such as

Me. LocPinPA9 = New GTI.InterruptInput (LocSocket, GT.Socket.Pin.Three, GTI.GlitchFilterMode.On, GTI.ResistorMode.PullUp, GTI.InterruptMode.RisingAndFallingEdge, Modules)

have become incompatible?
and I find no documentation to make the changes,

so you think it is better not to do this update?

but it would be more oppurtuno (for the luck of the MF) does not change continuously keywords?

or leave at least a basic compatibility with old key words, if a user just wants to add new options without touching what has already been developed?

[quote]the gadgeteer namespace didnt change and GTI is only a shortname
using GTI = Gadgeteer.Interfaces[/quote]

with the conversion to 4.3 I can not find Gadgeteer.Interfaces now
I only provides Gadgeteer.SocketInterfaces

the problem is that the two are not entirely compatible
for example I have to rewrite this statement GTI.InterruptInput
because it has changed but I can not find the documentation you an example in C #

I can not find GTI.InterruptInput
I now only provides GTI.InterruptInputFactory

and GTI.InterruptInputIndirector
do you think we should use the second but can not find examples of this documentation will

HI Andre, I’m sorry if I do not write well in English,

MF4.2 with the project works fine, my request was if I modicarlo 4.3 or do I have to temporarily give up
or let it go forever!

the VB project with the 4.2 works perfectly :wink:

Now I wanted to know if I can use the 4.3 with the same project or not?

this was the answer I needed,

but if a user wants to interface the hardware to the lowest level can do it?

you can create a hardware from scratch using a CPU of GHI?


There are no GHI firmwares for 4.3, as I mentioned earlier. YOU could take on the task of creating a 4.3 firmware for Hydra if you wanted to. I expect GHI will do this at some point in time, but if you wanted it sooner you could do so. If you wanted to do this, you need the .Net Micro framework porting kit - also referred to as the PK. You can find other threads on this topic here if you wanted to look for it, and you will find some good hints there if you wanted to pursue this.

But what you mention about using the same processors that GHI use is totally possible without going into the porting kit, which makes it much easier. You can for example take the open source design files for the Hydra or a board from the Cerberus family, and create your own design based on that. As long as you maintain the same important connections (like the LDR and RESET buttons and the USB connections) you can then simply deploy the GHI firmware and expect it to work.

So it really comes down to what you’re trying to achieve. Which I haven’t managed to understand from your discussion so far.

My intention would be to develop a product in the company with the firmware / hardware of the GHI,
the important factor is the developed code remains compatible at least for 10 years?
is this realistic?
if you like how you must act in these cases?


sorry but my English is bad,
that was not what I wanted to say,
would use a stable version of the firmware GHI also always on the same CPU, all the rest of the hardware we’ll develop!

you can buy this CPU with the bootloader already integrated at the GHI and how long you can count on its availability?

for example these?



other roads?

the current controller is only for Italy > 1000 pcs.

I do not know about this, depends on the functions that perform the wounded,
I have a new project that could also sell> 10,000 pcs. :slight_smile:

you know for how long +/- :slight_smile:

Today, when you install VS2012, you need to use the netmf 4.3 SDK. With that, you can still create a netmf 3.0 application. So if your device still has a 3.0 firmware then you can still create an application. The code is NOT compatible with 4.3, because things in the 3.0 framework are much different to 4.3, but you can still use the same code you developed when 3.0 was first released in VS2012.

So for today, if you took a STM32F4 chip for example and locked away a 4.2 firmware from GHI, and the 4.2 SDK from GHI that matches that, in years to come you can install a new PC, the latest netmf SDK that matches that, then install your locked away SDK and deploy the locked away firmware onto the STM32F4 chip, and deploy your app that you have under source control.

So what you’re talking about is totally possible.

for now I just need information for the evaluation,
I will at a later time!

well, a little laborious but if you can not do better!? :slight_smile:

you can, but that’s not what you want. You just want to be able to do what you can today on whatever firmware you have.

Honestly, talk to GHI in person and see how their commercial customers do what you’re trying to. They have been a commercial supplier for much longer than they’ve been a hobbyist supplier !