Community page unread counter not working

When looking at the community page the unread counter has stopped working. It now shows “25 of 0”. It’s only happened sometime in the past 24-36 hours.

Other counters are messed up as well. “n of 0”

And while we are at it: The watched items does not send an email anymore…??

@ njbuch - I think you need to check your settings. There are 4 types of e-mail notifications that has to be re- enabled.

Umm have you messed with my settings?

They’ve changed recently. I had to re enable mine.

There are simply no counters on that page at the moment but they will return as page optimizations are finished. Nothing is broken.

I PM’d the GHI guys (awaiting a reply) about not being able to change my email settings , or avatar come to mention it. It constantly tells me that the name already exists…Well it’s my name, so I’m happy it exists, but I can’t get any further.

Any ideas?