Community geo tools lib

Anybody interested in doing a geo tools lib? Basically, it would be a lib designed to provide tools for getting data from geo coords…

A few ideas for methods:

  • Get distance from one location to another (or distance from the start of an array of locations to the end)
  • Get heading from one location to another

“location” would be a struct that contains lat/lon and altitude.

Anybody want to do with with me? We could pair it up with the GPS library.

All of the examples I listed are already coded, I could just stick them in a class.

What is geo tools?

That would go very well with the gps library. All the code you need to do this should be in that C file i sent you - look at LOS and distance.

Hi Mark, I already have those formulas extracted from your code, I just wonder if there’s other stuff we could include in such a lib.

@ Gus: Geographic coordinate tools library

How about functions that can be used to calculate position when you loose gps lock like location based on a last known location factoring in time, speed and heading. It also could be used for dead-reckoning applications where no gps is available. Then there is WGRS calculation where you feed in gps location and get back a grid reference to give you any location on the earths surface based on a 0.75 meter square

dead-reckoning needs more that just last known coordinates. You will need at least an accelerometer to do that.

I was more thinking of just easy math stuff. No hardware drivers, just pushing all of the confusing trig into a few simple methods.

Besides, DR is supported by the GPS driver, or at least it will be. :wink:

if it’s only a couple of methods, perhaps just implement it in the gps driver.

Yeah, I was hoping to have then separate, but we might just put a tools class in the GPS class.