Community Blogs

Ive noticed that there are a number of forum members that have blogs that are semi or fully dedicated to what i like to call fun with Fez :slight_smile: gadgeteer or otherwise.
Anyone agree with me that there should be a list of blogs either on the wiki or as forum main topic? As new blogs are created they can be added to the list.

There is a thread about this from a few months back where we all replied and listed them. I couldn’t find it with a quick search but you might take a look.

@ ianlee74
my point exactly. Ive just done a search and i cant find that thread. Lots of threads have blog links in them but you have to go find them.

I think the conclusion to that thread is that we need a place on our profile to put it. I’m sure GHI will get around to it eventually. For now, just put it in your text field.

@ HughB

How about this?

I will turn it into a table later.


I think Architect’s idea is better…putting it in our profile requires someone to visit the profile of every person who might have a blog. Having them on the wiki means that if you can find the wiki page, you’ll have all the relevant community blogs.

added my site… not a blog (yet).

@ Architecht
Perfect exactly what i had in mind ;). Totally forgot that the wiki is editable. looooooooong day today. :o

Me too. I was just trying to recall how the last thread ended.

Added mine.