Communication between 2 mainboards

Hi all,

For my business requirement, I need to use multiple mainboards to complete my system (at least 3…) No way to connect them wirelessly, or through USB (not enough U socket available).

So my idea was to link mainboards through socket, directly. I was thinking to X/Y sockets.

My question are : does anybody have experience with that ? is it possible ? (seems yes to me but I did not try yet), is there any electrical problem ? anything else ?

I need to do that quickly, so all your inputs will be valuable to me !

Thanks !

You can use x,y and software I2c or software serial. Hardware serial and SPI are other two options.

CAN bus or RS485? :slight_smile:

So there’s lots of possibilities, so here is my basic configuration :

1x hydra with 3 xbee and 1 serial-usb
1x hydra with 5 distance sensors
1x spider with GPS, Compass, …
(other mainboards will be added)

I built a “performant” memory centralisation system which gives me the ability to shareall datas from the different systems on all mainboards and on my remote controller.

But I need more speed in memory sharing, so the direct access between mainboard (and even adding a cerberus one to connect all others) is mandatory.

That’s why I thought to directly connect, through gadgeteer cables, multiple mainboard.

I looked at I2C, seems to be nice, but I never tried it and don’t know in depth this protocol.

Serial software would be really nice if it can be instanciated over that kind of link

The only problem with hardware I2C is that there is no slave implementation in Netmf. Software I2c would be easier. It is not very complex protocol and there is a lot of material available on the web.

Don’t forget if you connect two boards directly through sockets only one board should have power, a all sockets carry 3.3v and 5v…


@ Architect : But how can I do my hardware configuration in I2C to connect two mainboards together ?

@ andre.m : it’s not possible for using ethernet (it would have been the best solution) because all my hardware is embedded on a drone. Where I can’t use switch

So how to setup my hardware/software to use a serial connection between two mainboards through gadgeteer cable ?

No, for instance, there will on ly be 1 to 1 board, and later, I’ll add a cerberus board to centralize the serial connections and dispatch the informations :wink:

ok, but in this case you use a RS232 module to connect each mainboard. Using K/U type sockets.

but If you want to connect two mainboards, naked with only the power modules, just by connecting gadgeteeer cable for the mainboard 1 to the mainboard 2. I’m not figuring out how you will be able to declare your serial connection.

What about this one?

I’m may be not clear, sorry I’m french speaker.

I need to connect multiple mainboards through socket likes X or Y. I have to keep the U sockets for other uses (like GPS, etc…)

So my need is to build a communication link between 2 mainboards using a gadgeteer cable directly connected from the socket on the mainboard 1 to the socket on the mainboard 2.

Ok, thanks :wink:

and for the hardware configuration, how do I have to set it up ?

Just connecting the cable, or something else ?

I found this tutorial on I2C :
But I don’t see how I can configure the I2C to “know” which socket to use to communicate

Ok, I will look at this.

Thanks for your help !