Communicating via USB

(I’m not asking about USBClient Serial port stuff)

Is it possible to communicate between the host computer and a Fez Cerbuino using the raw USB frames?


This has been addressed before, and I believe the answer is yes, but it would require a change in the firmware. Still interested?

@ Gregg, Yes, still interested. Or should I be looking at the USB Serial Port class?

I think USB serial is still quite fast and easy to use.
As far as I know it’s not limited to the classic RS232 baud rates.
A college of me played around with that between an EMX and a PC, and if I remember correctly it was faster than the EMX network connection.

How Do I use USB Serial on a Cerbuino? I can’t seem to find the class.

I’d be pretty surprised if it WASN’T faster than ethernet… FTP (for example) over TCP over IP over ethernet is a complex protocol stack with a lot of stuff going on. Serial is just about as simple as it gets. You lose a lot of functionality (out-of-order delivery and reassembly, auto-retransmit of lost packets, CRC checks, and others), but most/all of that you most likely won’t really need in the simple cases.