Committed or Crazy?

I got an email this morning from a customer who I talked to over the weekend so I figured I would let the community vote as to whether or not I am committed or just plain crazy!

So, what’s the verdict?


A little of column A and a little of B.

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Yes!! Who needs a life?

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All I can say is “if Gus wanted you to have a life he would have issued you one”. :stuck_out_tongue:


@ suitable1 - yes to both?

@ Mike - Gus actually told me on Saturday that I was crazy about something else but I am starting to see it everywhere…lol

@ Gary - All the above

I would say that the members of the forum are great about providing quick and appropriate replies to posts.

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@ suitable1 - lol…fair enough

as a rule I don’t trust anything I’m told at that time on a Friday night.

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@ hagster - That customer will tell you that I followed through this morning but ordinarily I would agree with that. ;D

@ Gary -

If your up at that time … Why not!

By no means is that crazy…

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None of the above :clap:

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Committed in the psychiatric sense of the word ? I didn’t understand the difference :whistle:

(BTW I think you know how much I like customer focus like you show! :wink: )

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@ Brett - yep if you look up customer focus you will see my face!

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@ Gary - Is it annual review time again? In case you need another reference…


However, if you didn’t take 2 hr lunches every day you wouldn’t have to work at 0130 Sat morning! :smiley:

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hmmmm, not sure what you getting at, his 1:30 am must have been your 10:00 am… or are you saying, now you want kudos for just working on Fridays :think:

@ Gus: be careful some employees can be deceiving on how they present facts always ask who’s time zone we are talking about :slight_smile:

Sorry Gary couldn’t resist :whistle:

Edit: either way you do ROCK :slight_smile:

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@ Gary - I’ve always been more of a fan of AND, rather than OR. Seems apt here. :wink:

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@ Jay Jay - if your account stops working at some point this week, its just coincidence. :whistle:

@ devhammer - I’ve got my drone primed and ready to go…just sayin’ 8)

@ Gary - You do remember that you started this thread, right?