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Commercial serial multiplexer using G120SoM


@ Iggmoe is one of GHI Electronics’ commercial customers, who is also an active community member. He shared some details on the product they are working on.


GHI Electronics’ SoM:
Original post:


Nice job, Iggmoe!


Thanks, Ian! I’ve got an even bigger project for the G120 once this one’s done :slight_smile:


Nice work!


I can’t wait to see it!


Nice work!


Please let me know when this product comes to fruition as it is something I can use on my own job. I work in environmental monitoring and this product would be useful. Very useful… If the company needs a beta tester for actual field testing under rigorous conditions - let me know.


@ DaveG - Welcome aboard :slight_smile:


Hi, Dave. You can e-mail me at “aabordo -at- oceanscience dot com” and we can discuss your application. If you take a look at, you can get a good idea of the products we offer.


@ Iggmoe - I like your line of Q and Z boats! One of the many A/ROVs I would like to build for myself.

Are you at liberty to discuss any of the details about them?


@ mhectorgato - Sure. Shoot me an e-mail, and we can discuss your questions offline. Those boats are pretty sweet. NASA uses them, too!

– Adrian


Thanks Gus. Today I had a nice chat with Iggmoe and exchanged some notes. We seem to know several people in common (small world). I think that his application is needed in our business. Offered to be one of his first customers…