Commercial device with TinyCLR and VStudio

Hello all,

We are starting a commercial proyect.

We would like to use G120 as it is CE marked, and uses royalty free TinyCLR.
As Visual Studio Communitiy 2017 will be used to build the firmware, my question is if the product can be sold withouth buying VStudio professional or enterprise.

Also, I would like to ask if G120 has any kind of eeprom or eeprom like memory space to write non volatile configuration data.

Thank you in advance and best regards


you do know that TinyCLR OS is currently in pre-release mode, and you’ve reviewed the roadmap that GHI have published, and those things are factored into your decision, right?

You should also check Visual Studio terms of use yourself as nobody here is likely to comment about whether Microsoft would or would not have grounds to chase you for breaching the terms of use of their products… it’s unlikely anyone here is a lawyer, and certainly I wouldn’t trust any of us to be right :wink:

Yes, there is a small amount of available memory for configuration, but depending on what you’re trying to do, a simpler thing to do is just throw on a small I2C/SPI eeprom chip.

Thank you Brett for your fast answer.

I am sure none of us is a lawyer, and maybe, nor wanted to be!
However, is it possible that nobody has asked himself this question? I am sure there are commercial proyects built on free VStudio IDEs (Express or Community). Maybe someone would like to share their experience… althouhg I wouldn’t trust him…

Thank you again.

Unti company have less 1.000.000 usd turnover and less 6 (max 5) developers can use vs2017 community even for commercial needs.

Otherwise need to licensee pro version at least.

Regards TinyClr OS i don’t know what situation is about licensee regards commercial distribution with your or GHI Hardware :slight_smile:

Thanks for your info, Valon.

Regarding TiniCLR, this is said in


TinyCLR-OS is licensed for commercial and non-commercial use, under the Apache 2 license.


maybe someone will have faced that same problem - again, if you don’t trust them, why bother hearing what they say? You’ll still have to go look for yourself and you’ll still have to live with the consequences of your decision should they end up being bad. The other person’s view hasn’t helped anyone, has it?

And the real point I’d like to focus on is - you accept that TinyCLR is not a released product, not a finished product, and has a roadmap that GHI have published that might interfere with your project. Has that risk been carefully consider in your planning ? If you’re looking for a commercial product, and you have a delivery timeframe that is set, will that overlap with TinyCLR’s timeframes and you’ll need to release on unproven code? You always have the fallback of NetMF, that is pretty well tested…

Thank you again, Brett for your comments.

I was trying to continue your comment “and certainly I wouldn’t trust any of us to be right”, with a type of a ‘joke’. However, I am sure that my bad english has been quite confusing, and this ‘joke’ did not end on an smile. Sorry for that, I will never try to make any more jokes in the fórum.

I am also concerned that TinyCLR is not a finished product. Actually, we will use NetMF, and on the future, the planning is to move to TiniCLR (as Microsoft no longer give support to NetMF, and it is supposed that GHI will give support to TiniCLR)

Sorry again if my thoughts have not been well expressed.

Best regards

Don’t let @Brett discourage you, that’s just how he is, no fun at all! When he comes over for dinner, I don’t even let the kids near him for fear of them losing their awesomeness.



I’ll keep that in mind!!

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Visual Studio Community 2017 can indeed be used for development and testing of commercial products, as long as you abide by the limitations in the license agreement. In layman’s terms, individuals (not part of an enterprise) can use it for commercial development. Teams of up to five developers (not part of an enterprise) can use it for commercial development. They define enterprise as an organization with more than 250 PCs or users, or one million US dollars or more in annual revenue. If you fall into the enterprise category, they expect you to purchase the Professional (or higher) product.

Here is the actual Visual Studio Community 2017 License Agreement, for you and your legal counsel to review. (I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV.)

No, please, don’t let me stop you - unfortunately I think if it ever came to having duelling lawyers at 10 paces, nobody would think it’s funny… and while I work in IT, I work around lawyers, and they’re not exactly the funniest bunch around. :wink: Plus, compared to other people, you’re very funny !

yep, this guy, see, not funny…

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Thank you for the info, Kengr

Brett, I’ll keep on making jokes, but maybe in my mother tongue… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I use the G30 and NetMF 4.3 in a commercial product.

It has been great. So if that fits your needs it is commercial ready.

However I gave up on working with memory config. If you have program storage to spare you can always put things there.


As always, we recommend any commercial customer to contact us directly to discuss their needs.

The website/docs are undergoing some major updates. It should be only a few more days. Check back very soon.


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