Comments in Codeshare

I want to ask forum member some questions about his submitted code in Codeshare area. As I am a new member (and I don’t have 100+ points), I cannot send direct messages. It would be great if it was possible to leave a comments in Codeshare.

On the bottom of the description there is a link to a from thread for questions and discussions (in red)

It is either not there (because of 100+ points requirement) or I don’t see it ::slight_smile:

If you can point out which codeshare it was, we might be able to figure it out. Codeshare section was set up before the “discuss in forum” was set us so there’s likely some older codeshare entries that may not have this. The other thing though is that some of these older entries are from members who aren’t active anymore either, so a direct message or discussion may still need the community to assist anyhow.

I am talking about this Codeshare:

user has been on the forum recently but has not posted in 12 months. You may not get much help directly.

So lets start, for what are your questions?

I have not noticed taht his last post was a year ago. I have just looked at his last login that was just a week ago. Anyway, my questions are very specific:
[em]1) Do you experience anomalies described here with your OLED (
2) Will your library work with upgraded 128x64 OLED (ver. UMY3, supports multilanguage fonts) from NewHaven? It uses the same controller (SSD1325).[/em]

Obviously, questions are addressed to him, but anyone who knows can answer them.

yes, you needed to look at the oldest post in his timeline to see how old it was; but yes he has been recently on the forum.

You’re dead right, those are specific questions. The general view would be that as long as the required configuration of the controller chip stays exactly the same, then the driver should just work. You may still need to tweak the code, but it should be extremely easy if it’s not a different controller.