Coming out of the closet

It is time.

In the immortal words of Freedie Mercury - I want to break free.

I have been living a lie and can stand it no more…

I am ashamed to admit my name is not Bill.

The mental anguish of assuming the identity an industry great and embarking on a twisted journey of corporate espionage has finally taken its toll. My beloved company has been stagnating for far too long in bringing truly innovative products to market so in a desperate attempt to inject new magic into the original sin I decided to go under cover using the embedded world as a new direction.

I have spent hours documenting the obvious true joy of nerdy engineers gushing about the productivity gains of a world class IDE and a modern managed language and even the muted ramblings of questionable VB velots! But my faithful drones? They have very little in their Gucci inspired toolchains, why even Johnny is starting to wilt to the once derided MS and the beige brigade.

How and why we / I have come to such shame and disillusionment is a very sad and long story, but now is the time to break free and admit to who I truly am…

Taking GHI’s lead in driving forward a stagnating technology I am recommending we as a company embrace Objective C running on tiny Cortex M’s and we shall call it iNanoCLR and our Great Unwashed will build truly stunning metallic grey PCB’s running the likes of Flappy Bird and iLatte industry brewing controller code. We will be massive in IoT 4.0!

And for the record… my name is Tim

Objective C … spit

If you like to :wall: all the time then by all means go for Objective C

No Objective C until after I get Fortran support. Do iOS developers even use Objective C anymore? Tim, go back to your cave and figure out what new mascara color you will use for the next major re-release of the iPhone.

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@ Tim Cook - Welcome to the Forum Tim, glad to meet you finally. I guess at some point I’ll revert to my actual name on the forum too.

From a technical standpoint there is no reason why we can’t have Objective C (or any other language) but finding the man power to do so is the problem.

So if you still know some smart open mined people at “the Company”, then you can surly make an initial push to get this off the ground.

Good Luck!

Why Objective? can it be Subjective :whistle:

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