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IoT Labs Earth

Meant to be used as an inside sensor. Sensors to be mounted on expansion board.

WGM121 Bluetooth
1/2 AA Battery
.NET 4.4


PCB must be blue ;D


@ munderhill - What is 1/2 AA bat?

How about a coin cell?

BGM121 Bluetooth, why not put BT5 on there? I bt4.2 doesn’t have the distance to reach the gateway that is down the hallway or on the floor above.

How about adding SiLabs Proprietary 915 wireless radio for greater distance?

I need an IOT device that runs on coin and has great distance on radio to get back to a gateway.

@ Terrence - Why Coin? Does it need to be round? Or just a certain physical size?

@ terrence - See attached photo of 1/2 AA size battery, 3.6v 1200mAh, much more capacity than a coin cell. I corrected a typo on the Bluetooth module I am using, it’s the SiLabs WGM121[url][/url]. I chose this module, because I have already written a driver for the WGM110 (WiFi) module that uses a similar API.

@ Justin - No reason, I am just interested in small size, low energy action. The holy grail of IOT “runs for years on a coin sized battery”.

@ munderhill - who knew that a 1/2 AA was a 1/2 AA battery? :whistle:

@ Terrence - I guess to be completely accurate it is a 14250 type battery.

@ munderhill - Sorry, I wasn’t implying you were not giving me enough info. I had just never encountered a 1/2AA and the name says it all, so I needn’t have asked.


@ munderhill - How about an update on what you have been up to lately.

Not much discussion from our great board developers.

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@ Terence - So, I got the Earth board built, but my development PC crashed and just got the motherboard back a few days ago. I have at least twos issue with the current board layout. The Earth circuit works (verified by a Blinky app), so after vacation (2 weeks in Europe) I will start working on the Bluetooth driver. Once that is done, I’ll fix the layout issues. I’ve also got some work to do on the WGM110 WiFi module driver.

Bluetooth driver? So are you considering adding a nRF52840 (not the nRF52832) for Bluetooth 5’s super long range, super low power for a radio?

Thanks for the update.

@ terence - I am using BGM121(EFR32BG1 Series 1 Modules - Bluetooth Module - Silicon Labs) for small size

Interesting, SiLabs is here in Austin. I have been over to their offices for an IOT hardware meetup.