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Coming from a Galaxy far far away


and if you think this is interesting wait until next week…


Sagitta? Have you started [another] new venture or is that for a client? :wink:


More like things are evolving, and getting very real. More news and pretty pictures to follow.


@ Justin - I think it is interesting. I will not wait until next week. Cough it up.


@ Terrence - Justin feels that you should be teased further…

So consider for a moment, a drag-and-drop editor that runs on every desktop (Mac, Linux, Windows) and allows you to configure hardware like production-ready controllers, industrial interfaces and LoRa radios, and to create programs with software components like logic blocks, PID loops and Azure telemetry uploaders; coupled with online asset control, remote management and Azure data pipelines for analytics.

Think of it as Gadgeteer++ for Engineers with real work to do. That is the new Sagitta Constellation.


interfaces and LoRa radios, [/quote]
What @ Terrence saw


@ mcalsyn - aw man, I can’t wait. Do tell more ;D

I didn’t see the phrase “and all in the language we know and love c#”

Please no C++ :wall:


@ Brett - Yup.


@ mcalsyn - Well so, how does this relate to Verdant? The website looks killer.


Gadgeteer++ ok I’m listening



Looks interesting! As long as I can attach a camera, take some pictures and send it to a server using cellular networking, all on battery power - I will be interested. :think:


Planning something involving public bathrooms? :wink:

@ Justin - this looks great! Release date?


A few things are carrying forward from Verdant : The cloud-based data pipeline and Azure integration; the hardware description language and drag-drop hardware composition and programming model; the remote management and configuration; and the security model (security between cloud and device). The hardware description language and editor is compatible with Gadgeteer, Grove, mikroBus, S-Connect and more.

What’s new : a Sagitta Galaxy service and Sagitta Desktop Designer app that run on-premises on a PC for settings where cloud connectivity is undesirable or infeasible; and a completely new line of din-rail hardware that uses a bus embedded in the rail to compose hardware units over our S-Connect bus.

It’s been nearly two years of refinement (and resets) in the making.


Current plan is to start shipping beta hardware in 2-3 weeks.


Awesome! I’ll be watching my mailbox. :wink:


Me in all :smiley:



What would you make if you got your grubby little hands on some bleeding edge limited edition goodies?


@ Justin - Any chance of a coin cell battery on the back, or at least a battery connector so we can easily deploy these babies out in the wild.


Given that this is labeled now for IIoT… I’m really interested to see what all is being offered. It’s been a dream of mine for a few years now to IoT enable my workshop but that’s not really be feasible with off the shelf NETMF/Gadgeteer components and I haven’t had time due to other projects to create my own. So, “if” what is being offered on the “Industrial” part of that is the ability to monitor & control higher power machinery then I think this would be my PoC for this hardware. Any chance AllJoyn or IoTivity will be baked in???

Also, I have Amazon’s Alexa controlling parts of the shop now and I LOVE being able to voice control certain things like my dust collector and radio. So, being able to build upon that capability would be a huge plus, also.