Coming from a Galaxy far far away

and if you think this is interesting wait until next week…


Sagitta? Have you started [another] new venture or is that for a client? :wink:

More like things are evolving, and getting very real. More news and pretty pictures to follow.

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@ Justin - I think it is interesting. I will not wait until next week. Cough it up.

@ Terrence - Justin feels that you should be teased further…

So consider for a moment, a drag-and-drop editor that runs on every desktop (Mac, Linux, Windows) and allows you to configure hardware like production-ready controllers, industrial interfaces and LoRa radios, and to create programs with software components like logic blocks, PID loops and Azure telemetry uploaders; coupled with online asset control, remote management and Azure data pipelines for analytics.

Think of it as Gadgeteer++ for Engineers with real work to do. That is the new Sagitta Constellation.


interfaces and LoRa radios, [/quote]
What @ Terrence saw


@ mcalsyn - aw man, I can’t wait. Do tell more ;D

I didn’t see the phrase “and all in the language we know and love c#”

Please no C++ :wall:

@ Brett - Yup.

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@ mcalsyn - Well so, how does this relate to Verdant? The website looks killer.

Gadgeteer++ ok I’m listening

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Looks interesting! As long as I can attach a camera, take some pictures and send it to a server using cellular networking, all on battery power - I will be interested. :think:

Planning something involving public bathrooms? :wink:

@ Justin - this looks great! Release date?

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A few things are carrying forward from Verdant : The cloud-based data pipeline and Azure integration; the hardware description language and drag-drop hardware composition and programming model; the remote management and configuration; and the security model (security between cloud and device). The hardware description language and editor is compatible with Gadgeteer, Grove, mikroBus, S-Connect and more.

What’s new : a Sagitta Galaxy service and Sagitta Desktop Designer app that run on-premises on a PC for settings where cloud connectivity is undesirable or infeasible; and a completely new line of din-rail hardware that uses a bus embedded in the rail to compose hardware units over our S-Connect bus.

It’s been nearly two years of refinement (and resets) in the making.

Current plan is to start shipping beta hardware in 2-3 weeks.


Awesome! I’ll be watching my mailbox. :wink:

Me in all :smiley:


What would you make if you got your grubby little hands on some bleeding edge limited edition goodies?

@ Justin - Any chance of a coin cell battery on the back, or at least a battery connector so we can easily deploy these babies out in the wild.

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Given that this is labeled now for IIoT… I’m really interested to see what all is being offered. It’s been a dream of mine for a few years now to IoT enable my workshop but that’s not really be feasible with off the shelf NETMF/Gadgeteer components and I haven’t had time due to other projects to create my own. So, “if” what is being offered on the “Industrial” part of that is the ability to monitor & control higher power machinery then I think this would be my PoC for this hardware. Any chance AllJoyn or IoTivity will be baked in???

Also, I have Amazon’s Alexa controlling parts of the shop now and I LOVE being able to voice control certain things like my dust collector and radio. So, being able to build upon that capability would be a huge plus, also.