Come one, come all, ALFAT 2 has arrived!

GHI Electronics has been a world leader in hardware-file-system solutions since 2003. Ten years into the future and ALFAT was released in 2013, to be the most powerful and complete offering. Today, we are announcing the release of ALFAT 2. This new major release for ALFAT is 100% backwards compatible with ALFAT 1 making the upgrade an easy choice for current ALFAT customers. ALFAT 1 and ALFAT 2 are identical when it comes to the hardware. Developers can simply upgrade or downgrade any ALFAT chip at any time.

The all new SD-Reader mode
In addition to the numerous small updates and improvements, ALFAT 2 includes an SD-Reader mode. This mode allows ALFAT to present itself as an SD reader, making it ideal for data-logger applications. The product hosting ALFAT 2 will be able to access files on SD cards (and USB sticks) just like before, using UART, SPI or I2C. But once that same host product is connected to a PC, via a standard USB cable, ALFAT becomes a card reader where a user can now access the files through the PC. Please see the block diagram image below for more details.

Road Map
ALFAT 1 will be discontinued and replaced with ALFAT 2, which is 100% backwards compatible. ALFAT 2 will start shipping on July 14th, 2014.

The Evaluation Kit
Available today is the ALFAT Evaluation Kit. This kit is highly recommend to quickly learn ALFAT’s command structure, thanks to the included software. The source code of the included software is also available under resources to aid in developing any needed drivers.

ALFAT 2 SoC Processor:
ALFAT Evaluation Kit:


I’ll be honest: I was unable to crack ALFAT2. It just works…

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No way :slight_smile: I am sure you will find something … Just kidding. Thanks for testing and providing feedback.

Congrats GHI.

Now that the Cerb Family is going to get a standard API, will the ALFAT USB and SD low level drivers make their way into the NETMF drivers ?

I did not say FAT, I said USB and SD low level drivers :slight_smile: