Combo Attack game BPA controls Meowbit: video

I would like to ask manufacturers of MakeCode Arcade consoles which have jacdac ports on them if they (GHI and Kittenbot and others) have connected 2 consoles via the stereo audio wire to check out the behavior of these when “talking” to each other? This behavior is weird, to me, as shown in the video. The shared program in the description shows, I think, that JoeyW. did not intend this to be multiplay/jacdac; by the way the code is written. Yet, the BPA controls the Meowbit ! This might answer Gus’s question if more than 2 consoles can be connected; yes? I have a hub ordered for multi-multi players. Have you guys worked with this? Thanks

I do not think anyone has done the multi-multi player yet but like the sound of that!