Com2 & com3

Hello, I would like to know more about serial ports. I have read there were maximum 4 available on Domino.
COM4 is available through UEXT as said in FEZ Domino board documentation.
COM1 is just Di0 and Di1
But what about COM2 & COM3? I could not find documentation about them.

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Domino has 3 not 4 COM ports. See this please

OK, sorry, next time I’ll post this kind of question on “Domino” forum. Right now I continue on this one if you don’t mind.
So, OK, 3 COMs only (and it is already very good). But where is the 3rd COM?
1st = Di0, Di1
2nd = UEXT
3rd = ?
This is not explained in the documentation (or I don’t use the right search)

Tx3 is on JP1 pin 8 Di8 and Rxd3 is on JP1,5 Di4…

Just download the schematic from the same place.

Then you can check all pins connected to the MPU (pin 66 / 67 )

Cheers Ian

Did you look at link? :slight_smile:
It shows you how to get com4

@ Gus… Do you have to re-map txd3 / rxd3?

Or can you use Di4 & Di8!!

Cheers Ian

You can find the answer here:

[quote]@ Gus… Do you have to re-map txd3 / rxd3?

Or can you use Di4 & Di8!!

Cheers Ian

COM4 is very special on our processor! It is connected to 3 places. By default, we use COM4 on pins 4.28 and 4.29. See this

Now, those pins are not exposed on FEZ Domino but no to worry, you can get COM4 by remapping pins as explained in brochure (you will use 2 of the analog pins)

You can also remap it to pins 0.0 and 0.1 if you like. These are the same pins as CAN so you will lose one of the CAN channels. I recommend you stick with the brochure.

Not to forget that you can connect many USB<->serial cables to Domino’s USB host port :wink:

Thank you for your answers.
It is clearer now (and in particular remapping)