COM1 Debugging - Panda II

I want to Debug over COM1 of my Panda II, to leave the USB port open so it can be used as a mass storage device. (USB Client)

Can I just you a USB cable from my computer and run it to RX and TX of COM1 ? And does the MOD pin need to be jumped to GND?


Yes you will need to connect MODE pin to GND.

Ok, Thank you. Everything else sounds correct?

You’ll need a USB to TTL converter if you wish to use a USB cable on COM1. Something like this:
Built into cable: Pl2303HX USB to COM/UART/TTL Integrated Programmer Cables (Replaced by PL2303TA) - ElectroDragon
Needs a cable: (Retired, replaced by PL2303TA) PL2303HX USB-UART Serial Programmer - ElectroDragon

for my latest find.

Ok, so this is what I did. I only had a Serial to UART converter, so from COM1 I ran it into the UART-Serial then the serial line into my RS232-USB converter (since I dont have a RS232 port on my computer.

I have the Mod pin jumped to ground. But I am not getting a response from the device?

Shouldn’t all this craziness work?

try swapping rx and tx

Uart Dyslexia; Didn’t I warn you about this elsewhere ? :wink: