Com Ports For Arduino type Seeedstudio GPRS Shiels


I have a Fez Cobra III board and want to connect a Arduino style GPRS shield from Seeedstudio ( on it. I am not using gadgeteer libraries or components.

I need to use Pins D7 and D8 to be used as COM ports (rx, tx) in order for the arduino style GPRS shield to work. The problem is that it seems like D0 and D1 are the only Com ports that seems to be available on the the arduino style connector pins (reading documentation) with reference to the Fez Cobra III board. I hope this makes sense…

My question is that, how can I ensure/setup If I want to do a serial port connection on pins D7 and D8 on the fez board not using gadgeteer modules?

Any suggestions or documentation that I can read?


Riaan Mastenbroek

welcome to the forum Riaan

Unfortunately the only thing you’re likely to be able to do is to manually wire the device up to the appropriate COM port pins. That probably means that you may not need to but the Arduino style shield if you don’t want.