Com port - updating firmware

Hello i just got my cobra and i try to update the firmware. I’m reading the pdf guide and watching the youtube video how to update.

But when it says about COM port when i click serial i see only COM 1.
I installed the usb drivers using the " GHI NETMF USB Drivers 32-Bit Auto Installer "
so after i go to teraterm i only see COM1 port again. What is wrong?

on MFDeploy it pings and i see on USB -> EMX_EMX

EDIT: ah nvm i didn’t hold loader 1 sec more after reset. Now COM 3 appeared :slight_smile:

Glad it is working for you…have fun and make us some cool projects :smiley:

thanks in the first days ill mess around with it, examples etc and then start my project :slight_smile:

Gus if you can move my other topic from Domino(that is now) to Cobra or Project subforum as i didn’t buy domino eventually and went straight to Cobra :slight_smile: