COM Port Pin Mapping to support stacking

I have 2 Ardiuno shields. One uses serial pins interface D0, D1
The other uses serial pins interface D2,D3.

Is there a way to map the COM serial ports on the Domino Board to these pins so shields can be stacked?

I think Arduino uses “software” serial on D2 and D3…not real serial port. Software serial shouldn’t be normally used.

What are the shields you want to use?

  1. Cellular Shield for SM5100B
  1. GPS Shield

I know there are other ways to connect these devices but using the shields would be nice.

I like the idea of having GSM/GPRS and GPS.
You can connect the sparkfun GPRS cell modem shield to FEZ Domino and then use our GPS extension to go to UEXT header on FEZ Domino as well.

This means you can get what you want and with no soldering or hacking. I like the idea myself so I will give it a try

Any update on this? Thanks!

I did order the cell shield and tried it, but then I got too busy with other things.

I am not sure where I put the code but I have some code that I do not think works. I emailed you the code but again, it will probably not work but it is a good starting point!

Hopefully you can make it some nice drivers and share with the community.

Gus, do you still have the code for the SM5100B? And also any instructions on how to hook it up to the FEZ Cobra? I just received mine and looking at firing it up very soon. Thanks.

Connecting this to Cobra is a bad idea. Cobra is a lot more powerful and can do a lot more than what this shield can do :slight_smile: Cobra can connect to any serial PPP modem, same as a PC :wink: