COM-COM connection for debug

we have 2 FEZ Domino connected over COM2 to see debugging infos. On the second we have a loop that reads COM2 and shows the result with Debug.Print().
But these information isn’t really to see because with every read comes a lot of information about how many byte are used for different things (Type XX (xxxx) yyy bytes.
How we can switch off this information?

Hello andre.m
the bytes are encoded.
But I found when I put a Thread.Sleep(1000) into the loop it comes rare.

Sounds like you are seeing the garbage collector (GC) output.
This means you allocate and release a lot of memory (like arrays?)
1st you should check where you allocate and free memory. This is a potential performance blocker.
2nd. You can turn off GC debug output (something like Debug.ShowGarbageCollectorMessages),