Color Roulette

[title]Leds! LEDs!! LEDS!!![/title]

Hello fellow developers, programmers, and code monkeys!

As you may have seen in my previous project, I started testing the waters with .net micro-framework, even programming in general. Even a beginner has to move up, so I am here today to embark on a very very VERY! fun journey! I am going to attempt to dazzle you guys, by making a color roulette.

Here is a link to my previous project.

The Color Roulette is also known as the “Cyclone” arcade machine, seen at your local Laser tag, Dave and Busters, and Chucky Cheese’s.

The Objective to this game is to hit the button once the light is close to your side, the closer it is, the more points, but with reward comes difficulty. At the closest light to you, the points are worth the most, and they decrease as the lit LED becomes farther and farther away from you.

In this post you will see a picture of the “Cyclone”.

Here is a video of the Arcade:
[url]- YouTube

I will not go into too much detail, as I have to get back to working on it.
I will be putting a picture up every couple days with my progress so far, and a video of it will be released once it is finished!

"Where does FEZ come in Robert?"

Well, you may have guessed it (being on and all), we are using FEZ Domino and the I/O 40 board to power these LEDs. We want to show users what they can do with FEZ, and also show them it IS freakin’ easy!

Link to the I/O 40 : [url][/url]
Link to FEZ Domino: [url][/url]

More coming soon!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

During the planning stages, we planned out how many LEDs we were going to use.


This is free drawn.

The board sits on four 2x4s.

They were cut to make a wooden frame, and the board was nailed to it.

We scraped the poster board, and went with wood.
Poster board turned out to be way to thin.

This was the hard part, since we changed our minds so many times on the number of LEDs. :’(

After a long day, we got the LEDs drilled, and decided that we would have them on top, instead of having them on the bottom with only the lit part on top.

Next we started wiring the LEDs, this was a little tricky, but nothing too hard yet.

Voila, all done wiring, next we will be soldering each connection to ensure a long lasting game.

Very cool, but I gotta ask: why did you use the pre assembled LEDs instead of soldering up your own? A little hot glue, and you could have a cleaner solution.

Those pre-assembled LEDs have a transistor to take care of power to those large LEDs. Plus we want to show the project using the GHI standard offers…LEDs, FEZ -----…etc.

Ok, I understand, but this is a fortune in LED’s ???

48*$4.95 = $237.6 :o :o

GHI will pay for them so it is okay :smiley:

Do you need any new employees? :smiley: :smiley:

You do not need to be an employee here, you already received more components than you can use through the contest :smiley: :wink: …and now a free FEZ Rhino :o

More opportunities will come up in future too.

[quote]You do not need to be an employee here, you already received more components than you can use through the contest …and now a free FEZ Rhino

More opportunities will come up in future too.[/quote]

hahaha you are right, but I could try asking :smiley:

Took a while, but we are almost done! :slight_smile:

Theres gus drilling holes for the buttons

The buttons we used

Shes looking so pretty!

A tip for mounting the LED boards without drilling / gluing: Use double sided tape.
Also, get rid of all the cables.

The buttons are awesome by the way! Might order those too! 8)

He knows our secret!! :wink:

We are going to use double sided tape, but we had to feed the wires through the other side.
We aren’t going to stick them yet, we have a surprise for the project :slight_smile:

I know all your secrets :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I love surprises :whistle:

This is freaking awesome…look how good it turned out…just wanted to post this quick and we are back to start coding the game…can’t wait to take a video too.