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Color (Colour) Sensor


Is there a data sheet for the gadgeteer colour sensor? I see in the driver that there are 16bits per channel but the numbers I get are very low. I need to know the max/min range of the values.



I posted a link to the datasheet on the GHI website. In the product catalog for the ColorSense Module, Click on the Resources tab to find the Datasheet link.

Hope it helps!

PS - sorry about the indirection, but that way if the chip changes on the module in the future, a direct link won’t become stale.


Whoops, the link is actually within the Developers’ Guide (the URL & Resource tab instructions are valid).


Thanks, the data sheet helps :slight_smile: I posted a blog with some feature enhancements to calibrate the sensor:


@ Steven (@ sjj698) - What do you think about that sensor? Does it work well?


I am having problems calibrating it very well. Red/Blue works ok, green/yellow is pretty poor. The light intensity really matters. I was hoping to up the gain and then reduce prescalar. Check the video

(LED video does not do justice)

It would be handy to calibrate the sensor automatically

NOTE: I am then scaling the values to 0-127 (per channel) so I can use them with the FEZtive